I am doing a TechTalk on “What’s new in XenApp 5” on Tuesday, Sept 30th 2008. This is an hour long presentation (with Q&A) that is repeated and hence you can pick the time slot that works for you (either 10AM EDT or 2PM EDT). As this is a TechTalk, it will be technical in nature explaining not only the benefits of the new features but also the technical details on implementing them.

I am also co-speaking with Al on the TechTalk “Enhancing the User Experience with Citrix XenApp 5” which is geared towards the new XenApp 5 features that will enhance the end user experience when accessing XenApp applications. In the Q&A you probably can ask Al if he will provide us with his private copy of XenApp client for iPhone. I can’t wait to see that go public.

And there are 2 other XenApp 5 TechTalks on our streaming enhancements and best practices for upgrading/migrating to XenApp 5. Don’t miss them! All the TechTalks are repeated to let you pick the time slot that works for you.