In association with the XenApp 5 release and inline with the product release strategy outlined in the Future of XenApp for UNIX blog article, the XenApp for UNIX 4.0 with Feature Pack 1 release is now available as a MyCitrix download. This is a small feature pack containing the following changes:

  • XAU Rebranding: Look and Feel of the product had been changed to align with the general XenApp rebranding. This primarily affects the login screen and all icons used when interfacing with ICA clients, WI and PNA.
  • XAU MOTD (message of the day): Adds the ability for administrators to place a message in the file /var/CTXSmf/motd, the contents of which are displayed as text in a message box on the screen before the user logs in.
  • XAU NOMORELOGIN: Adds the ability for administrators to disable any new logons to a server by using the ctxcfg -k nomorelogons=1 keyword configurable. Users can still reconnect to any disconnected sessions. At the next restart of Citrix Presentation Server for UNIX this behaviour is reverted.
  • As well as the above, a number of bug fixes are being released: 
    • Fixes an issue where the ctxfm process can crash if an authentication time-out is enabled. 
    • Fixes issues where replacing a non-retail license with another license can cause the ctxfm process to consume large amounts of CPU. This occurs if the license is changed but the Citrix Presentation Server processes are not restarted. 
    • Adds the ability to disable scrollmouse support. This uses the ctxcfg -k disablescrollmouse=1 keyword configurable to make a server session not claim this capability. Add the option -noscrollmouse to the XTW_OPTS line in /opt/CTXSmf/slib/ to turn off the X server’s capability to handle any scrollmouse events that the client sends. 
    • Fixes an issue where errors could be generated when parsing XML Service packets under rare network-related conditions (for example congestion and misconfigured hubs or switches). 
    • Fixes an issue where the X server could crash when multiple OpenGL applications are run at the same time. 
    • Fixes an issue where screen corruption could occur when scrolling window contents. 
    • Fixes an issue that meant users had to re-authenticate when connecting to a published application using Web Interface 4.6. 
    • Fixes an issue where shadowing highly graphical applications could cause screen updates to lock up for all sessions involved.
  • License Server: New release at the same release level as the Windows License Server.  As well as a re release for the Solaris SPARC platform, support on the Solaris x86/x64 platform has been added. As well as being included with the XenApp For UNIX with Feature Pack 1 download it can be downloaded separately as License Server 11.5 for UNIX.
  • Updated Administration Guides for this XAU Feature Pack and the Licence Server product.

An associated public hotfix for each supported platform is also available (PSE400AIX054, PSE400HPUX054, PSE400SOL054, PSE400SOLX54). By default this contains all the bugfixes in Feature Pack 1. You can also configure the hotfix to upgrade your installation with Feature Pack 1 changes where your upgraded installation will then require licenses that provide Subscription Advantage Eligibility Dates for all platforms of August 27, 2008. This corresponds to installing the XenApp for UNIX 4.0 with Feature Pack 1 release.

Private and public hotfixes going forward will be common and applicable to all releases which makes patching simpler.