For those of you who attended the TechTalk on XenDesktop Technical Dive, I wanted to post the videos maintenance videos. 

Remember, a virtual desktop solution must be able to simplify maintenance or else you are simply moving the administrative problem from remote sites to the data center. The first video shows how easy it is to patch the Hypervisor (XenServer).  The running virtual machines are automatically moved to another available XenServer without impacting the users. 

XenServer Update Video:

The second video shows how thousands of users’ desktops can be patched easily without requiring a significant amount of time or expense with the use of Provisioning Server. 

Provisioning Server OS Images Update Video:

These are just two examples of maintenance for XenDesktop. The incorporation of XenApp and application streaming greatly simplifies the maintenance of application delivery.  If you want to hear more, take a listen to the recording of the TechTalk which can be accessed from here.



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