WAN Load Balancing by Elfiq Networks is a perfect fit for the Citrix WanScaler WAN Optimization Engine product. The Citrix NetScaler already performs Server Load Balancing on inbound connections, and can even perform Link Load Balancing on outbound connections. However, when it comes to managing link resiliency directly at the WAN Links, at layer 2, this is where Elfiq shines. The Elfiq Layer 2 implementation allows the insertion of the Elfiq unit between the firewall and the primary link router without any change to their configuration for an easy deployment. For private WAN Links, Elfiq will redirect packets to all links at Layer 2 on a per session basis. Another great advantage with Elfiq is the low price point to get this type of functionality. When connectivity is being deployed to multiple sites with multiple links, Elfiq SitePathMTPX can be used with IPSec VPN Tunnels and VoIP along side of enterprise applications for greater performance and resilience.

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