The Apollo Accelerated Bitmap Remoting technology leverages Vista Aero to efficiently capture and deliver DirectX and other 3D graphics. But what if you need to deliver applications that aren’t Vista compatible into the same virtual desktop as your 3D professional graphics applications? The trick is to deliver them using XenApp, the Integrated App Delivery feature of the XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions. XenApp supports applications that run on Windows Server 2003 and (with XenApp 5) Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services. Your non-Vista applications can be hosted on XenApp and delivered seamlessly into the user’s XenDesktop virtual desktop via Citrix’s ICA protocol. Application compatibility issues are eliminated because these applications are never actually installed on Windows Vista. They appear seamlessly integrated with the user’s Vista Aero virtual desktop even though they are actually running on a different operating system.

Derek Thorslund
Product Strategist, Multimedia Virtualization