Improvements in EasyCall 2.0

EasyCall 2.0 contains many of the improvements you have suggested:

-         Simpler phone selection

-         Simpler directory search, which now searches both the corporate directory and your  Outlook contact t the same time

-         New call status and cancel features

-         Further improved number recognition

 EasyConference Tech Preview

A new feature called EasyConferencewill enable you to use EasyCall for audio conferences. 

New EasyCall Directory

You can leave the new Directory Bar on your desktop so you can use it anytime. Just start typing a name, a few letters of the first name space then the last, or now last name comma first name.


More EasyCall 2.0 Tips

-         Use EasyCall to call telephone numbers in Email signatures, GoToMeeting invites, contacts, Outlook Contacts, etc.

-         Use EasyCall to place calls from your office or even the conference rooms you frequent.

-         Use EasyCall whenever working remotely for business calls. No more long distance charges on your home phone. No more international calls on your mobile phone. No more airtime overages.

-         Use the EasyCall Directory to look up and call coworkers. Finding phone numbers has never been faster.


-         If you don’t want to share your home or mobile number with the folks you call, use the Hideoption. The folks you call will see the main number and not your personal numbers as your calling line ID.
-         If you are using EasyCall from the campus environment, you can save the company a little more money by configuring your extension as one of your location options. 

-         Make sure you enter “X” or “ext” before your five digit number.  Everywhere else, just use your regular office telephone number.