This is the very first edition of a highly buzzed virtualization event held in London, UK, from Oct 14 to 16. The event is three days long: first day (Oct. 14) is dedicated for distributors and resellers, second and third day are for the attendees.

But wait a minute. Another trade show? The answer is, Not really!

So what makes Virtualization Congress special, VC is shaping up to be a truly unconventional conference.

  • No Slide allowed on Stage – Only 1-hour long demos: the product is being showed while applied to a specific use case, hopefully matching the ones that attendees may have back at their datacenters.
  • It’s independent, following the very successful model we know from BriForum, Virtual Congress is an independent and unbiased conference.

Never mind the level of expertise attending the conference: Simon Crosby, Mark Russinoivch, Richard Garsthangen, Scott Herold and many others.

Citrix as usual will be there supporting the conference as a platinum sponsor and deliverying the keynote, you will be able to interact with our top experts and product specialists, so feel free to stop by our booth and say hi to myself, Simon, and others.

Anything else? Yes. Citrix Certified individuals (CCA, CCEA, CCIA) will receive an amazing discount to sign-up for the conference, an amazing 25% off the regular price or $400 US dollars for a pass. *Details coming soon, stay tuned.

I’m looking forward to this event and I have here a video invite from Simon to share with all.

In the meantime you can check out the following links for more information.


See you in London.