A somewhat frequent conversation I seem to have with new acquaintance’s not familiar with our industry often turns to a discussion of   ” what does Citrix do ? ” After a brief elevator pitch on fast app delivery, centralization, security, and minimizing the need to install apps, etc,there is typically a point that they can relate to in their own situation. It may be a failed hard drive, a desire to work from different devices or locations, or the frustration of waiting for IT to come fix their PC. You can tell when the light bulb goes on and they start to envision being able to utilize the benefits of what Citrix ( and our community ) could provide for themselves or their company.

If the discussion goes further a common question comes up that goes something like ” If it’s so great , why doesn’t every company do this ? ” sometimes followed by, why is Citrix only a $ 1.5 Billion company ? why not a lot more ?    

These are some of the objections I have heard along the way as to why more companies don’t adopt Citrix, or the concept of App Delivery on a broader more strategic scale. What is the top objection you hear about ( beyond initial cost ) ?  

Others ?