The #1 Web Filter by St.Bernard is now Citrix Ready. The Highest Performance Web Application Solution from Citrix Systems can now be deployed with the the #1 Web Filter by St. Berdard. IDC ranked them #1, SC Magazine gives them high ratings, and you will agree when you plug this thing in. The Citrix Web Application Firewall protects inbound traffic destined to Web and Application Servers without degrading throughput or response time. Now, with St.Bernard’s iPrism h-Series high performance appliances, you can also do outbound Web filtering, IM/P2P filtering, and antivirus detection. The iPrism Web Filter is optimized for the datacenter infrastructure and sits behind the firewall while it monitors traffic. St. Bernard’s platforms are hybrid so that Web filtering, antivirus and IM/P2P filtering are all contained within one box – unlike other point solutions.

St.Bernard’s iPrism Web Filter is easy to use and easy to manage. If fact, it’s so easy, we had the device up and running in Proxy mode and then in Bridge mode in a matter of seconds. The management software auto-discovers the box, so you don’t have to plug in a console cable – very nice!

It is far better than a transparent proxy because St.Bernard has engineered their filtering technology at the kernel level, so their bridge mode really is a bridge between interfaces, and not just a transparent proxy like other solutions in the market.

We deployed the iPrism Web Filter behind our NetScaler, and had the NetScaler perform NAT (Reverse NAT) for outbound connections to the Internet. The iPrism Web Filter adds another level of security that IT organizations sometimes look for to complement their existing base of high-performance Citrix Gear.

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As a hybrid unit, this is a steal.

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