AppExpert is now a useful tag used by Citrix Systems, Inc., to qualify articles and content on the web as that which pertains to the art of delivering applications to an end user. Becoming an “Application Expert” is not only an art, but as with anything else in the internet industry, takes time to learn. Becoming an Application Expert and using the knowledge takes time, drive and patience. In an effort to make this art easier, Citrix embarked on a series of product enhancements targeted toward the Application Expert, which started with the use of the NetScaler Policy Engine.

The first in many enhancements directed toward making application delivery easier for the individual using the product. Other product nomenclature was created for other features such as “AppCompress” and “AppCache”, but “AppExpert” seemed to stick and a community website was born to promote the development of policies and expressions used in the course of business on the NetScaler at customer sites, by partners and in the labs at Citrix Systems.

The concept of the community site grew with favor as a much needed interactive forum for the exchange of ideas, policies, blogs, video tips and information to expand the knowledge of those using the Citrix products. Thus, the AppExpert community site was born to express this direction of growth in knowledge.

In an effort to create a community site that is both practical and useful for our customers, and in keeping aligned with the principles of ease of use and name recognition, the community site formerly named “AppExpert”, has been renamed to “NetScaler Developer Network” to allow for a more easier fit among other Citrix product lines, as the Citrix community continues to grow.

NetScaler Developer Network!