How many times have you had an ISV come into your shop pushing their new solution, and you ask them if it works with Citrix? 

How many times did you get a blank stare or a reply stating that they don’t know because they don’t have a Citrix lab environment or that it’s too hard to setup.

We’ll now there’s no excuse.  MyCitrixLab is now up and running and available to ISV vendors to use to verify that their application works with XenApp, Citrix Access Essentials and XenServer.  MyCitrixLab is an online virtual lab environment available to all Citrix ecosystem partners, and becoming a Citrix Alliance partner at the Citrix Technology Member level is free. 

More details on the MyCitrixLab configurations can be found at All the ISV needs to do is schedule lab time and make sure they have the basics covered by following the Citrix Ready test scipts before they approach you with their pitch.

So the next time an new ISV partner comes knocking and they state they don’t know if their app is compatible with Citrix, or that setting up a Citrix environment is too hard, give them 3 quick pieces of advice:

-          Sign up for free as a Citrix Alliance Partner from the partner section on at

-          Have them verify their solution using which is free to Citrix Alliance partners

-          Become Citrix Ready

Then they can come back and explain why their solution is a good fit with your Citrix deployment.  Why should you need to do the basic compatibility testing for them?