With our global marketing campaign in full force and the co-branded microsite in place we are still developing sales and marketing assets to aide both end-customers and Citrix/Autodesk sales teams.  Below is a list of upcoming marketing events, enhancements to the microsite, and sales/technical whitepapers that are in development;

Marketing Events

October 1, 2008 – Webinar – Federal Government Focus

  • Partnership overview
  • Product overview: AutoCAD® Map 3D and XenApp
  • Technical overview of installation and server configurationScalability and performance testing results
  • ROI statistics from your peers in the telecommunication  industry
  • Looking for more? www.citrixandautodesk.com

Co-branded Microsite

Test Drive Map 3D on XenApp

  • Schedule yourself to test drive the AutoCAD Map 3D application in a XenApp environment.  Complete with a sample dataset to test the performance of 2D graphics rendering from any device on any connection.
  • Future update will  include the ability to upload a sample dataset to test drive

White Papers

Performance / Scalability / Bandwidth Analysis document

  • Detailed analysis that evaluates the scalability (resources consumed vs. concurrent users) of Map 3D on XenApp WHILE capturing the bandwidth consumed across the wire in various client resolution settings (800×600 => 1280×1024).

ROI Analysis

  • Detailed ROI analysis focused around a specific use case scenario – centralization of drawing files in multi-location (global) customer environment.  In this analysis we review all costs for the delivery of Map 3D via Citrix XenApp; hardware, software, implementation vs. costs for the traditional delivery of application and data installed on the workstation.