From time to time it seems necessary to link to the activities going on the main Citrix blog.  Perhaps it would make more sense to deploy the posts to both sites.  At this point it seems more friendly to post once and then refer to the posts from here.

Here is a list of the 10 most recent posts:

Session Recovery Idea 422
Offline Access Idea 2003
Hype Cycle and Virtualization
Beyond Hardware Virtualization
Server Based Computing versus Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
BriForum 2008 Aftermath
Technology Faith
User Profiles and Folder Redirection
Clipboard Enhancements
Digital Independence

The most topical is “Server Based Computing versus Virtual Desktop Infrastructure”.  The overall focus is shifting more to issues related to virtualization and potential trends and ideas.

The posts on this server related to me in the past (officially 150) are mostly small clips of the original.  The old blog site here would only copy the first few lines with a link to is now gone.  This means the only way to get the full details is to manually match the post clips with posts on  It would make sense that most people would not bother. 

At there are now more than 250 posts to scan through.  It is very difficult to summarize what people find the most interesting over there.  Typically people are searching for help with Citrix issues (like COM ports, and the clipboard) or they want more information about aspects of XenDesktop.

In September it will be two years since blogging began at Citrix.  As most people have noticed, I’ve really enjoyed it.  The running joke is that if I learn something new, I’m likely to blog about it.  Truthfully that was more true towards the beginning than now.

Blogging opened some new experiences including the invitation to BriForum 2008 in Chicago.  It was well worth it and proved that the extended Citrix community is really healthy with some incredibly bright advocates and presenters.

Thanks to Citrix for making this possible and also thanks for the words of encouragement over the last two years.