We’re on to the next stop on our trip to Orlando (Project Orlando, that is, the next version of Citrix XenServer).  Keeping with our road-movie theme, I’m reminded that many of the great road films involve searching for oneself and for truth.  In our journey, our search requirements are more prosaic -- we’re looking for resources that have some things in common, so we can manage our growing virtualization environment.

That’s where the new search and tagging capabilities in XenCenter come in.  If you want to find all of the virtual machines running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (a simple search), or the ones running Windows that have outdated versions of XenServer Tools  (a complex search), or all of the physical servers with over 32GB of memory (a search on non-VM resources), you can construct those searches as easily as filtering your inbox. You can name them and save them. And you can export them and send them to someone else who can then import them to their copy of XenCenter and use them.

What about grouping your resources in ways we at Citrix haven’t predicted -- by application, by location, by cost center, by owner, by lifecycle stage?  Easy!  Every configuration entity -- physical and virtual machines, physical and virtual networks, storage repositories, virtual disk images, and more -- can be given any number of arbitrary tags, based on any schemes you choose.  Then you can build searches based on the tags, too.

Searching and tagging make it possible to view and manage your data center resources more easily and with greater scalability,  enhancing operational agility. And they’re available in XenCenter for every edition of XenServer, from the free Express Edition to the dynamic delivery enhanced Platinum Edition.

We’ll end today with a reminder: we’re going to be making the beta download available via the download section of citrix.com.  Instead of a separate download request form, you’ll need to log in with a My Citrix account.  If you already have one, you’re cool.  If you don’t, please create one, so you’ll be ready to rock the download when the software is available.

See you tomorrow with another set of enhancements in Project Orlando.