Here is a video demonstration of Microsoft CIFS acceleration over WanScaler. Equipment used for this demo were Microsoft W2K3 server, an XP client, and a Linktrophy Apposite WAN simulator.

Although, the demonstration seems very simplistic CIFS acceleration represents a milestone in WAN acceleration and data networking, in general. CIFS is the protocol that is used by Microsoft Servers and clients to exchange information. The protocol was originally designed to function over a LAN environment with a minimum of 10 Mbps throughput, half-duplex. As enterprises began expanding their data services to remote offices CIFS, designed for a LAN was being used over low bandwidth, high latency WAN’s. Performance and end-user experience vary greatly in this enviornment, and the protocol provides a very high, inefficient overhead. With an accelerator between the remote and central office, TCP transmissions are optimized and thus the protocol is streamlined. Users can now experience LAN like performance while being thousand’s of miles away from HQ.

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