A lot of partners and customer ask about adding drivers to Dom0
Our Dom0 is using Centos 5 and has all XenServers drivers already built-in.

We only support hardware from our HCL, drivers we deliver with the product and Citrix Ready certified partner solutions.

If you add other drivers to your XenServer host its NOT supported!

The main reason for adding drivers to DOM0 is the request to use cheaper hardware or additional devices like a SCSI Backup drive or a ISDN capi controller.

There is one important thing you should know:

If you get the device up and running in DOM0 doesn’t mean that your virtual machine can communicate with the device! 

For example: It’s possible to install a Linux driver for a ISDN capi card. So the card is available in DOM0, but there is no Xen driver for the guest to communicate with the card in DOM0. 

Also if it works (maybe for Network or I/O cards) you could run into trouble because our high steep PV drivers are not tested with the driver in DOM0 and that could result in problems or slow performance. 

We think, that the time to get it “up and running” is more expensive than buying supported hardware.

 If you want to compile drivers for xenserver you should follow the official way.
Checkout our SDK and DDK documnetation at: