I just came back from BriForum in Chicago and besides the awesome event that was, one more thing came to attention, half of the Notebooks being carried around by attendees and speakers were Macs.

Carried away by the energy of the event I decided build something for our Citrix Community. A dashboard app that makes easier for our visitors to read the latest posts and collaborate with their comments.

 Meet the Citrix Blogs Widget

With version 1.0 you get:

  • The latest 30 Citrix Blog posts
  • Adjust view from Full to Summary
  • Collaborate with your comments
  • Open posts on Safari or Firefox
  • Spotlight Search (Instant search)
  • Push updates (no refresh required)
  • Watch blogged videos
  • Check for updates
  • Send feedback


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater

Download via CDN:

Citrix Blogs Widget

Special thanks to Chris Anthony’s group for designing our dashboard logo! Thank you guys so much!!!