There have been nearly 10,000 runs of the (free) XenApp Upgrade Calculator, which launched in 1Q08. Customers and partners alike have found it valuable in making cost comparisons between applying a Subscription Advantage (SA) budget and upgrading editions of XenApp. Since the first year of SA is included in all XenApp edition upgrades, upgrading at SA renewal frequently makes financial sense.  Here is what a couple of partners have said about the current calculator:

  • “I hear customers ask all of the time… “What would be the cost difference between upgrading my existing solution and just getting the latest?” Citrix made it happen again, nice tool!”
    (Citrix Platinum Partner)
  • “Time Saver!! When the customer wants to know what the cost savings are compared to the upgrade, here is the tool for it. Way to go Citrix!”
    (Citrix Platinum Partner)

 The next version of the XenApp Upgrade Calculator is imminently available. Some of the new functionality includes:

  • Country pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Feedback
  • Download of XenApp Evaluation Virtual Appliance

Stay tuned for the announcement on this blog and let us know what you think about either the current calculator or the next version.