Building your first workflow with Citrix Workflow Studio is incredibly easy. We include many templates with the Tech Preview that allow you to see how the product works quickly and easily.

First go download the product – (MyCitrix login required, but it is painless to get one.)

Once you download and install the product you will see the following the first time you launch it:

Just click the box where it says “Create a new workflow based on a Workflow Template” and you will see the following:

Provide a name for your new workflow and select one of the workflow templates that we included with the product. The easiest one to set up and understand for your first time is the one under “Windows Management” called “Start Stopped Services”. Select that one from the list and click “OK”. You should see the Workflow Studio Designer interface with the template loaded like this:

 You now have built your first workflow. Click “Start” to run the workflow and you should be presented with a list of the services that are currently in a stopped state on your machine. Much like the following:

If you select one or more services and click “OK” Workflow Studio will attempt to start those services.

Note: If the service is disabled Workflow Studio will not be able to start it and will return an error. Take a look at the workflow and see if you can modify it to exclude the services that are in a disabled state.

I would love to see comments on what people think about Workflow Studio and what they would like to use it for in their environment. I plan to post some more advanced workflow samples in coming weeks, so let me know what you would like to see.