One key component in the Citrix VDI solution is the inclusion of communication. This is a clear distinction from other VDI solutions in the market because no one else has even considered adding communication as part of their VDI solution. When Citrix develops XenDesktop, we made a very concerted effort to design a VDI platform that is capable of supporting the next evolution of desktops or operating systems.

There are numerous market drivers that propel Citrix to make EasyCall part of XenDesktop. In enterprises today, the line between the IT and the telecom organizations have been blurred. In many cases, there’s no longer a separate organization that handles only telecom. A lot of telecom organizations have been folded into the IT organizations. Applications from Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, and more are key culprits in that transition as they increasingly make communication as a core part of their applications. As much as some IT tries to separate communication and application, it’s no longer realistic to do so. Enterprise users have already been making voice calls from their PCs, IT can no longer ignore this new reality.

Citrix is fully aware of this communication trend and we are addressing this heads on for our customers so that our customers are well prepared to handle this. With Citrix XenDesktop having communication as part of its core competency, organizations would not have to scramble later to find telephony vendors to add communication.  And telephony vendors are the last place to look for a VDI communication solution as these folks have even yet to understand how applications work in the users’ world today.

XenDesktop is not like the VDI solution as some of our competitor like to put it. It is actually at least one generation ahead of where they would like to be.