Once customers realize the benefits they can get from application virtualization, one of their most common questions is about packaging. If you’ve got 500+ applications that need to be profiled, you want to find a fast, reliable way to do it without tying up too many resources. That’s why Citrix has teamed up with Acresso (formerly Macrovision) to tightly integrate their AdminStudio product with Application Streaming.

AdminStudio simplifies the profiling process by eliminating several steps. It has a Citrix Assistant that batch-converts existing MSIs to streaming profiles. The MSI-to-Citrix conversion tool guides you through the entire process, smoothing out the learning curve and helping to avoid common mistakes. AdminStudio also makes it easy to repackage legacy EXEs into virtual profiles without wasting time on snapshots.

With a few mouse clicks you can customize Citrix virtual profiles using AdminStudio’s comprehensive Editor tool, which is based on industry-standard InstallShield technology. The Editor’s Citrix Assistant gives you complete control over every aspect of virtual profiles — from modifying registry settings to specifying Citrix isolation options — so profiles meet your specific needs and corporate standards. AdminStudio also automates the profile testing and validation process, ensuring virtual profiles behave reliably.

No one knows applications like Acresso. Their InstallShield technology is the undisputed industry standard and AdminStudio is the most widely used software packaging solution on the market. Leveraging this experience with their world-class solutions gives customers a great shortcut for making the move to application virtualization. It can reduce packaging time by over 90% and cut overall implementation costs by 50%.

You can learn more about it at their website: http://www.acresso.com/products/licensing/adminstudio.htm.

For those of you that have taken advantage of this combined solution already, I’d love to hear about your experiences.