You have probably seen the latest buzz on the street, an iPhone “running” Windows XP. This topic made big news this week as a story published by ZDNet Australia landed on the home of

The word “running” was loosely mentioned and that sparked a lot of controversy around visitors, but if we take a minute to explain the “phenomena”, you will see there’s nothing behind the curtains nor up the magician’s sleeve. It’s purely a high performance remote desktop (HPRD) being delivered via ICA, Citrix remoting technology protocol.

The demo mentioned above was delivered by our fellow Citrites in Australia, very similar to the one Mark Templeton showed us during his keynote early this year at the Citrix Summit.

So for those outraged with the Windows XP “running” on a “slow” processor like iPhone’s, I say – you can all relax, the actual processing was done on a back-end virtual desktop and remotely delivered via Citrix XenDesktop.

Also the article mentioned above only posted a still image of the entire demo; so for those who are interested to see the full demo – here it is, the 5 minutes and 20 seconds-long XenDesktop demo “running” on an iPhone.