Performing content rewrite at milli-speed is key to providing a front-end device for application delivery. Most important is the capability to rewrite both request and response headers & body content which the Citrix Application Switch does and it is an easy 3-step process to configure. Not only is it easy, it scales to Enterprise class applications, which we demonstrated here with the Oracle Enterprise Business Suite v12 in our lab in Santa Clara, CA, USA.

This Content Rewrite Deployment Guide walks through the steps necessary to quickly profile an application and configure the Citrix Application Switch for content rewrite. This deployment guide can be used as a reference for other Enterprise applications, in addition to Oracle.  Some typical examples of how customers use the Citrix Application Swtich for content rewrite are to Insert the Client-IP as an HTTP Header, Delete old X-Forwarded-For headers, Tag SSL and non-SSL Connections, Mask the HTTP server type (Server Obfuscation), Redirect external URLs to Internal URLs (Application Obfuscation), Migrate Apache rewrite module rules, Redirect marketing keyword requests, Redirect old home pages and Redirect queries to the appropriate server.

The Citrix Rewrite Deployment Guide.

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