Are you interested in running Autodesk products on Citrix XenApp (previously known as Presentation Server)? If you do, please read on.

Citrix and Autodesk have been working together to make sure our products can work well together. It’s exciting to work in this project because both Autodesk and Citrix users can really benefit from such efforts.

AutoCAD Map3D 2009 is now Citrix-ready for XenApp. It is the first fruit of this effort. And if successful, you can expect more Autodesk products to become Citrix Ready. If you like the direction we are going, I’d appreciate your help by giving us feedbacks.

The joint site is at You can find useful information such as installation guide, FAQ, sales contact etc.
There are some post-installation changes you will need to make after installing Map 3D on XenApp. To make it easier, I wrote a script to automate such steps. The up to date script can be found here.

I created a short video demo of map 3D running on XenApp.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience running map 3D on XenApp including the script and what other Autodesk applications you would like to run on XenApp or other Citrix products. I will try my best to answer your questions.