If you have been following the communication industry, you have no doubt been barraged by all these talks about Unified Communications. But all these years of hype, Unified Communications remains just a fragment of imagination. Why?

Let me share with you just one big reason why, it is not UNIFIED!

Unified Communications is actually a misnomer. What the telephony vendors are doing is to tie you into their own suite of products that they hastily bundle together, then slapping on the Unifeid Communications name. It is not unified because telephony system from one vendor does not work well with the system from another vendor.  Furthermore, there are great limitations on how the telephony companies implemented Unified Communications.

Let’s look at the click-to-call technology. Most telephony companies will claim that they support this as part of Unified Communications. However, you will find that this one capability is only limited to one or two popular software applications. You will also discover that in order to extend click-to-call to other applications, you are expected to invest in internal development resources as well as external professional services from the telephony companies. It becomes too cost prohibifive when you need to include communication into more than two or three applications.

If you cannot put a simple click-to-call technology without making your customers break the bank, do you still have the right to call your solution Unified Communications? I think not.

Citrix comes out with a click-to-call solution, called EasyCall, that challenges the current mindset. We are challenging the status-quo on how the current crops of Unified Communications vendors conduct business. EasyCall is a disruptive technology that enables click-to-call on any applications using any phone devices! It is an agnostic solution that gives you the freedom to leverage your existing infrastructure and achieve real hard dollar savings.