Just got word that SCVMM has been updated and released to support RC1 release of Hyper-V!


Two things I’m going to do; then post by this weekend:

  • Upgrade inplace Hyper-V RC0 to RC1, SCVMM (Betav1) to (Betav2), and the effects on the XenDesktop components…
    • How will the DDC behave?  Will I have to reinstall the DDC if the SCVMM component has been upgraded?
    • We know we have to update the hypervisor and the paravirtualization drivers, but just what doI need to do to update everything?  I’m hoping for an “autoupgrade” of the drivers.  That’s the holy grail with virtualizing guests, in my opinion. Anybody listening?
  • Fresh reinstall of Server Core (it’s so much sexier and less to manage than the full install), comparing notes to the RC0 setup, and see if there are any Delta changes.  I would imagine there would be zero…but we will see.

See you this weekend!