If you’ve followed the development of XenServer for the past year-plus, you’ve noticed that one of the most important themes we’ve talked about is this: storage is important.  And while it took us a while to begin to deliver on the idea, users of XenServer 4.1 have seen the first step: the integration of native storage hardware capabilities into XenServer, allowing server administrators to take advantage of the advanced storage functionality (thin provisioning, fast cloning snapshots, replication) of the hardware will allowing servers to concentrate on virtualization, and managing it all from a single server.  We’ve delivered our storage adapter for NetApp storage, and you’ll see more capabilities as well as more storage vendor integration coming later this year.

Some of you have wondered what was going to come of our announced partnership with Symantec, and when.  The first deliverable is here, and it’s quite something.  Today at their Symantec Vision user conference (the descendant of Veri.Con, the first of which I had the pleasure of co-managing a long time ago), Symantec announced Veritas Virtual Infrastructure, the integration of Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition and Veritas Storage Foundation, plus high availability, central management, and more.  It takes the marriage of server and storage virtualization to a level no other virtualization offering has delivered before.

As for the future, and how some of Symantec’s capabilities will be available to Citrix’s own XenServer users… watch this space.