I spent most of the week before last at Synergy in Houston, co-presenting a breakout session on XenDesktop architecture, and in a number of customer and partner meetings. Most of the time, however, I demo-ed XenDesktop to the public in the technology lab – or at least, that was the plan.

In reality, a lot of the time I actually ended up using pen and paper to sketch out XenDesktop, and how the various components that make up this product work together to deliver an end-to-end desktop virtualization story. Once the basic ideas behind XenDesktop got across, it was a lot easier to walk through the UI and demo the product. The other Citrites at the XenDesktop booths had exactly the same experience of typically setting up the scene before delving into details.

So I thought I’d try recording what I did in Houston as a little video – it’s a bit rough round the edges, and it doesn’t cover the full gamut of what XenDesktop can do (it doesn’t talk about how you can assign individual virtual desktops to users, for instance), but it’ll help explain some of the principles and ideas behind XenDesktop, and perhaps also shows where and how it differs from other VDI solutions.

PS: Sorry for my handwriting – it’s never been very good…
PPS: XenDesktop (including the free Express edition) is now available for download from mycitrix.com