I was asked by a Citrix Partner what the recovery story was in cases where the on-board flash or the motherboard itself fails. We heard of cases where bad luck  with hardware has caused more pain than needed.

The Citrix XenServer Dell Edition performs well in this respect. There is a Dell Recovery CD available for download at http://www.citrix.com/xenserver/dell

1. Burn the downloaded Recovery CD ISO to a CD disc or attach the ISO to the host using DRAC virtual media option (Yes, you do not have to walk up to the machine!)
2. Insert the new flash storage in the server.
3. Boot the server from the CD.
4. The Recovery CD will prompt you to copy the image to the flash storage. It will then copy the factory default image to the device

PS: One little trick – you can attach a  1 GB USB stick in the machine and copy the image to that as well. You do not have to open the machine.