Would you like to download and install the correct version of ICA client directly into your client machine without having to open a browser? If you do, please read on.

More applications nowadays have started to communicate to web services directly to enhance their functionalities.  ITune is a good example. Recently, I installed the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04. And this version of Ubuntu allows you to search applications that work with Ubuntu and install them easily, without opening a browser. I made a short video demo of this feature. You can find it at http://citrix.utipu.com/app/tip/id/2507/  .

Unfortunately, Citrix ICA client is not listed in this directory yet.  I think it will be great if it is. The Citrix download site has improved. But I still need to navigate the site and download the correct version. And different clients may have different installation requirements. The Linux ICA client has different packages to be selected and may depend on other third party packages which need to be installed first. (I plan to write another post about the details.) It’s much easier if programs can help me with that task.  It takes some work and justifications to make ICA client listed in Ubuntu application repository.  What do you think? Is it worth doing?

More broadly, I think it will be useful to make more Citrix products communicate with back end web services. One example is to be able to browse and install compatible virtual appliances directly from XenCenter.  Can you think of other examples that can make your life easier?

I’d love to hear your comments.

As a reference, I wrote a blog earlier asking for input about web service APIs Citrix should expose. That blog focuses more on another aspect of web services.