Determining application compatibility in a XenApp/Terminal Server environment has long been a task that tended to be hit or miss, or should we say, try it and see if it works for certain application.  The Citrix Ready team and other teams in Citrix have been working with teams in Microsoft to try and ease this pain a little.  I wanted to realy a tool that the TS team in Microsoft has been working on to help with the App Compat story moving forward with Longhorn and XenApp 5.0.  The tool is called the Windows Server 2008 TS Application Compatibility Analyzer and is currently in Beta.  As most of us know, the first step in being compatible with XenApp is to be compatible with Terminal Services.  From my discussions with the MS TS team, this tool is NOT , nor designed to be backwards compatible with Windows Server 2003 and TS, but is definitely a step in the right direction for the future.  I fully expect the cooperation we have with the MS team in this area will continue to grow and we are able to eventually have a better set of tools and data to help our joint customers better determine application compatibility in a XenApp/TS environment, and we are following the progress of this area closely in the Citrix Ready team to ensure we leverage such technology to grow the Citrix Ready program as well.  So in the near future, you may find this tool, or similar tools being a pre-requisite for ISV applications to be come Citrix Ready.


Terminal Services Team Blog – Terminal Services Application Analyzer Beta

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TS Application Compatibility Download Beta Page

If you have other tools or favorite links to share that can help our Citrix Community with App Compatibility testing, please share you comments below.