Introducing RepairCBDChain a Citrix Tool written by Dmitry Vostokov,
a tool that immediately restores clipboard functionality on the client and server.

Have you ever had a problem where the cut and paste clipboard functionality would not work in a ICA session? I know, silly question, of course you have. I would like to introduce you to a tool I use whenever the clipboard functionality stops working. This tool was written by Dmitry Vostokov a Citrix employee in EMEA. I had the pleasure of meeting him while I was over in Dublin, Ireland visiting the Citrix office there. He is an amazing individual with many accomplishments, you should seriously check out his site, Crash Dump Analysis., I’m willing to bet that you will be as awed as I was.

Continue to download RepairCBDChain: (32-bit) (64-bit)

Here is a quick snippet from a session that Dmitry Vostokov gave at PubForum 2008 in Dublin this year.
(PS – You may have to turn up the audio to hear it better)


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