The Project Apollo multimedia virtualization team has just released the first Technology Preview of Accelerated Bitmap Remoting, a new technology that leverages graphics processor hardware acceleration to efficiently deliver high end 3D professional graphics and imaging. Although most customers’ graphics needs are already well met by SpeedScreen Progressive Display (a revolutionary technology introduced in XenApp Presentation Server 4.5 and also included in XenDesktop), working with large 3D graphics models often demands the added computational power of a graphics processing unit (GPU). Project Apollo follows in the footsteps of Project Pictor which developed the technology behind Citrix’s new Virtual Design Studio product for applications built on the popular OpenGL graphics API. Since many software vendors are now introducing applications using DirectX, the Apollo team has been busy researching new techniques for supporting the full range of Windows-compatible 3D graphics technologies. The Apollo technology also delivers Microsoft Windows Vista Aero desktops with full “glass” effects and Flip 3D animation.

This Tech Preview release marks the completion of phase one of project Apollo, focused on verifying the ability of this technology to efficiently capture graphics from a very wide range of professional graphics applications. Optimizations to reduce network bandwidth consumption, including enabling SpeedScreen Progressive Display to work along with Accelerated Bitmap Remoting, are in the works for the next phase of the project.

If you’d like to nominate your organization to evaluate this Tech Preview release, please visit and complete the application form. The Apollo web site also provides answers to frequently asked questions and information on technical prerequisites.  

Derek Thorslund
Product Strategist, Multimedia Virtualization