I have been blown away by the great response we got to our first ever Geek Speak Live event at Synergy. From the speakers who were willing to get up in front of a 500+ crowd and be controversial and confronting, to those in the 500+ crowd who asked thoughtful and sometimes confronting questions, and to those who came up to me during breakfast with support and encouragement and ideas. Rather than spend too much time reviewing what was said during the event (which you can view here on Synergy Underground – look for the “Geek Speak” section), I’d like to hear feedback from both those who attended as well as anyone who has seen the videos on what we would like to do next.

Untill we can host another Geek Speak at the next Citrix event,  we could run a regular series of webinars where once again the topic could be anything technical. Speakers could come from Citrix, our CTPs, other IT bloggers/commentators or any of you out there in the community. Another (additional) option is that both the sessions and questions/comments could be via pre-recorded video, allowing anyone in any time-zone to participate. We will also be using our new ADI Forums to keep the discussions going for how ever long people are interested in them (or they stay technically relevant ).

As we work out the next steps, I’d appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have by commenting to this blog or, even better, posting them to the forum at http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=150000&tstart=0.