Synergy 2008 was a great event, and I wanted to introduce you to a group of people, among the many other people, who have done their part in making all the magic happen at Synergy. They have been the crew year after year that have made all of our events possible. Missing this year was Donnie Page, but he had the best excuse, something about his wife having a child or something, congratulations to you and your family, which now includes a new baby girl, we missed you. I was in awe at how organized this team was and how quickly they went about getting everything setup, not to mention the long hours. Thank you all for the great job well done, and please help me add anyone to the list that I may have missed, you guys rock!

Brian Miller
Fabian Wright
Doug DeLucca
Greg Sanders
Ray Stanton
Jesse Lazcano
Riley Cooper
Chris Schultz
Mike Delaguardia
Brian Moss
Mike Rossi
Mike Morris
Cory Ohm
Kpayah Tamba
Allen Furmanski
Pedro Llugano
Jose Rios
David Moxey

Here are a couple of photos I took during a well deserved night out for dinner: