Now that we have this complete end-to-end product in XenApp Platinum loaded with features (like SmartAccess, SmartAuditor, Single-Sign-On, Health Assistant, Application Performance Monitoring, EasyCall, WAN Optimization), we need to work on what will really set us apart from the rest - Component Integration.   Aside from things like integrated console and install – the obvious things, what else can we do in terms of component (feature) integration?  We have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from you!   What are your ideas and what are the use cases?  To give you an example,

Idea:  Have SmartAcess trigger a recording with SmartAuditor
Use Case:  A SmartAccess end-point analysis fails; instead of denying access; trigger SmartAuditor to record the session.

Imagine, if customers are using different SSL VPN and recording solutions, they won’t have the opportunity to use the two solutions together like Citrix can deliver – we just need to do it! 

Tell me what you think!