Voting is now closed on the XenDesktop Video Tips Contest. Here are the final vote talliesfor the best desktop virtualization video tip –

The Winner of the 16 GB Apple iPod Touch is “20 Desktops Delivered in 20 Minutes” –

The winner of the 8 GB Apple iPod Touch is “VDI Made as Easy as Pie” –

The winner of the Apple iPod Nano is “XenDesktop User Experience” –

Congratulations to the winners. All of the other finalists will receive an Apple iPod Shuffle 2 GB. If you are a winner and are attending Citrix Synergy, please let me know. I would like to recognize any winners at the Geek Speak BarCamp event on Wednesday evening.

I ask each of the winners to send me your address and contact info to citrixblogger

Thanks again for participating and voting in the XenDesktop Video Tips contest.