Well, we getting really close to the start of Synergy, and for me in particular, our first ever Geek Speak Live! Everything is coming together, though there are a bunch of us desperately organizing the last minute details.  

We have a great lineup of “headline” speakers from across the industry, who will be speaking on our center stage from 5:30pm – 6:30pm Tuesday through Thursday. In no particular order they are:

Doug Brown
Rick Dehlinger iQurious
Shawn Bass
Alex Danilychev iShadow
Jason Conger JasonConger.com
Tal Klein
Jun Nakajima Intel
Russ Daniels

The Barcamp schedule is now completely full of a wide range of interesting topics that are being run mostly by members of the Citrix Community as well as a few Citrites. You can see the full schedule in Barry Flanagan’s latest blog post.

Speaking of community generated content, we are also running a competition for the best 5 minute or less videos  made at Synergy. You can learn more about it in Vishal’s latest blog.I’d encourage anyone planning to take part to include filming at Geek Speak Live! Most of the real fun stuff will be there, and you may even get me to put on an act or 2 to get the extra publicity .

You can also see some videos and other media being shown using some of the latest App Delivery Infrastructure technologies. Get a sneak preview in Adam’s blog.

Anyway, I’m signing off now to get ready for the flight over to Houston. I hope to see you all next week.