Do you want to record some of the fun and interesting things you will see during Citrix Synergy conference and share it with your friends and colleagues? We will be handing out 5 flip cameras every day for 3 days (May 20, 2008 – May 22, 2008) that’s 15 first come first serve people.  All you have to do is record 1 or more video clips less than 5 min long and give the Flip video back to me. The flip video can record an hour of video. 

What is a Flip video camera?
Flip video is the number one bestselling, easy to use video camcorder on Amazon site. You can visit to learn more.

What series of the Flip Video will be given to winner?
We are giving away the Flip Video Ultra series.

How do I sign up for the contest?
Sign up via sending an email to citrixblogger@ or vishal. ganeriwala @ or simply post a comment on the blog. The first 15 people to email or comment with their name will get an entry to the contest*.

What is the process for collecting and giving back the Flip video?
You will be able to collect the Flip video near the registration desk between 12:30 to 1:00 PM. If your name is in the list I will give you the camera. You will have to give the Flip Video back to me next day between 12:30 to 1:00 PM at the registration desk. You will also need to give me your email and phone number at the registration desk so I can track you if you are running late.

What are the rules for the contest?-         

  • No video from the keynote.
  • No video from any breakout sessions.
  • Ask customers/friends/colleagues to withhold their last name and company to protect them from legal liability.
  • Do not Interview any Press or Analysts.
  • The video clips have to be less than or around 5 minutes.
  • Citrix may use these videos for promotion purposes and can decide not post a video if we find the content inappropriate.

Can you give me few examples of video clips to record?
You can record interesting XenApp or XenServer demos or partner product demonstration at the exhibit hall. You can interview your friends, colleagues or vendors and capture their view about the Synergy. Just be innovative and record fun, cool and informative videos. Show us Synergy through your eyes.

How will I recognize you at the registration desk?
Here is my picture. Click to enlarge.

How will I win a Flip Video?
I will upload all the videos to YouTube and tag them Citrix_Synergy08_flipcontest. The top 3 most viewed videos on YouTube will win the Flip Video. The contest will end on 6th of June 2008 at 6 PM EST.

I have a question not answered above where do I ask it?
Just post a comment on this blog post and I will get back to you