If you are attending IT professionals TechMentor event this week in Orlando then I would recommend you go and check out Bradon Shell’s session on “Automating Citrix Server Administration with Windows PowerShell”

“In this session you’ll learn how to use Powershell to make Citrix server management easier. We’ll also walk through the Citrix road map and how Powershell fits in. We will cover several different common administrative tasks and show how Powershell can make these tasks faster and easier to perform, including publishing applications, unpublishing applications, getting application information, and getting servers online. We’ll look at using the PowerShell pipeline, and see how to make your scripts output information that can be piped to other scripts. Finally, you’ll learn how to use MFCOM, get information from it, and look at some of the gotchas you’ll need to be aware of when dealing with it”

Brandon and I have recently done a webinar on PowerShell and Citrix MFCOM. You can view the Webinar at this URL

I have got several emails asking me if there will be any session on PowerShell and MFCOM during Citrix Synergy event . There is no specific session on PowerShell and MFCOM but we have speakers giving advance classes on MFCOM SDK and Hands on training with MFCOM SDK during Synergy. If you still have questions regarding PowerShell and MFCOM then come by during my Geek Speak session and I will try my best to answer them