One of the many great speakers at Geek Speak Live! (see James Rabey’s post for the lineup) is Russ Daniels, HP CTO for Cloud Services Strategy. Russ Daniels was previously the CTO for HP Software, before moving into this new role last year.

In 2006, Infoworld named Russ Daniels a part of its Infoworld CTO 25.

“Historically, the enterprise management category was viewed as network and systems monitoring, and not much else,” Daniels says. But today, he argues, it should be viewed as a way to manage IT assets and services – and measure their effectiveness in furthering an organization’s business goals.

Daniels also co-leads the company’s Adaptive Enterprise initiative, which combines virtualization with various datacenter automation technologies to form a malleable foundation for service-oriented IT. The automation efforts are focused, he says, on activities that, when done manually, tend to inject errors into systems. The ultimate objective is for enterprises to spend less on operations and more on innovation.

Although his background is in software development (including work on Web services standards), and he embraces the intricacies of datacenter management, Daniels is keenly aware that technology must always prove its value: “We have to be able to understand the performance of computing systems in business metrics, not IT metrics.”

According to his bio, “Daniels speaks widely at conferences and works closely with key HP partners and its largest and most demanding enterprise customers. Daniels has more than 25 years of industry experience specializing in software architecture, enterprise management, and software development methodologies. Prior to joining HP, he spent 15 years at Apple Computer. He has a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University.”

Daniels is a highly sought after speaker at technology conferences. Russ Daniels participated in a “fireside chat” at Mobile 2.0 in San Francisco last year. You can read the transcript here. He also participated in MIT’s CIO Symposium in 2006 in a discussion of Software as a service. You can listen to a podcast of this discussion here

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