There has been a lot of work going on over the last few weeks to pull together the different activities that will make up our first ever Geek Speak Live! un-conference at Synergy. Seeing as it has been weeks since my last post, I thought it was a good time to give you all a sneak preview of what you’ll see when you get there….

Center stage, we’ll be headlining with quite a “brains trust” of around 12 speakers from across our industry, such as Doug Brown, Rick Dehlinger, Intel’s Jun Nakajima and Russ Daniels from HP. Each of these speakers will be given 10 minutes to talk about the topic of their choice and then another 10 minutes to answer questions from the crowd. If the conversation seems to have legs, I’ll direct anyone still interested in continuing it to move over to one of three corners to do so; conversely, if I see a few tumbleweeds blowing across the stage, I’ll wind up that session and move us onto the next speaker.

In the fourth corner you will find our lounge which, apart from having food and beverages, will also be packed full of gadgets, which you can get a run down from reading Adam Marano’s blog on the lounge. Now I don’t want to steal any thunder from Adam, but you can also expect to see a setup that any true geek will want to have in their living room. Expect to read more about this soon.

On Wednesday the 21st, we’ll be running late into the evening with our series of barcamps. We’ve had a fantastic response to Barry Flanagan’s call for presenters and he will shortly be posting an updated list of sessions.

While we have done a lot of work to make this a cool event, it won’t be truly cool unless you join us there in Houston. So if you haven’t done so already, register for Synergy which will get you an overload of geeks speaking tech on top of the great technical content you will receive at the iForum and ADI tracks.