We now have twelve of the twenty sessions at the Geek Speak BarCamp filled (read background on Geek Speak BarCamp here, here and here).

1. Virtualization Defined – Joe Shonk

2. The Stress of IT – Jim Kenzig

3. Virtualization Oriented Architecture over VDI – Jaymes Davis

4. What is High Availability – Michael Bilancieri

5. Ultra Mobile Gadget Tech – Adam Marano

6. HP Print Drivers in a Citrix Environment – Robert Tuft

7. Citrix WorkFlow Studio Examples – Vishal Ganeriwala

8. Fifteen Years with Citrix – Steve Greenberg

9. Web Interface Internals – Jason Conger

10. Provisioning Best Practices – Pete Downing

11. Performance Matters on the Edge – Tim Mackey

12. Server Virtualization Best Practices – Peter Blum

Geek Speak BarCamp has twelve tech sessions so far to go along with the nine industry experts speaking at GeekSpeak Live. There is also the long list of technical sessions in the iForum and Application Delivery tracks.

We are still working to fill the final eight slots. Please submit your session topic now. You can use the comments in this thread, or you can email me at citrixblogger @citrix.com . You can also IM questions to citrixblogger on MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk.

If you have not yet registered for Synergy, you can click here to to complete your registration. I look forward to seeing you at Synergy and the Geek Speak BarCamp.