Before an audience of more than 4,000 IT professionals and partners at Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) last week, Brad Anderson, General Manager in the Management and Services Division at Microsoft, kicked off the day with the keynote “Managing the Dynamic Desktop”. As part of the keynote, Brad demonstrated Citrix XenDesktop working with Microsft Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager to deliver a dynamic desktop to a user anywhere. XenDesktop was the only desktop virtualization product demonstrated as part of the keynote.

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Citrix and Microsoft are in agreement that desktops no longer need to be tied to a fixed device but can be effectively delivered as a service to any knowledge worker using any device anywhere. With XenDesktop, a user can take her active virtual desktop with her as she moves from meeting room to desk to kitchen to home office (all on different endpoints). If I am working on a word document, the app can stay open without saving when I move from endpoint to endpoint, giving users ultimate flexibility.

XenDesktop, when released shortly, will support the delivery of virtual desktops running on Hyper-V – all deployed and managed through System Center. To get more details and see live demonstrations for our final XenDesktop product, visit our annual customer event, Synergy May 20-23.

For early customer evaluation and pilots, Citrix and will provide email and web based support for XenDesktop running on Microsoft Server 2008 Hyper-V RC and System Center Beta. We will have full support for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2.0 30 days after its availability.