As web applications grow in complexity, the art of accelerating them seems to remain the same. This art is performed by applying some basic concepts to the application; that is, Caching, Compression, Load Balancing, Global Server Load Balancing, SSL Offload & Acceleration, Content Switching, TCP Multiplexing and SSL Session Reuse.

Citrix® is a leader in Gartners magic quadrant for Application Delivery with their flagship appliance NetScaler®. NetScaler accelerates web application performance by leveraging multiple acceleration technologies and innovative TCP optimizations.

Whether you are building out a new datacenter and architecting it the right way, or retrofitting an existing datacenter, Citrix NetScaler will perform and keep costs down. Whether you are looking to accelerate legacy enterprise applications such as Oracle or SAP, or building a new web 2.0 social community, Citrix NetScaler contains all of the tools to get you there.

Citrix NetScaler web application delivery solutions are purpose built appliances that accelerate application performance, while simultaneously reducing datacenter costs and improving web application security. Platforms range from the entry level 7000 to the latest MPX-series appliances that provide an industry-leading 15 Gbs of throughput at Layers 4 through 7.

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