I’m sure many people are wondering why Citrix creates a quirky communication solution called EasyCall. Why does communication have to do with Citrix’s core business?

The answer is: SIMPLICITY!

We all know how convenient it is to make phone calls from your cell phone. All you need to do is look up someone’s name and hit dial. However, why is it that you cannot do the same with your PC? Your PC is arguable your most comprehensive and most powerful phone book in your possession.

And today, you are seeing more and more software and web applications that have chat and voice capabilities built into them. Just in the last few years, instant messaging clients from Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, etc have all embedded voice capability inside.  

You are also seeing an evolution led by Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, etc to add communication as just another feature within the applications. A good example is what you see below with Microsoft Outlook, you can simply click on the Smart Tag feature and call someone. Or from Adobe where its Acrobat includes a web collaboration feature. None of these communication capabilities are what you would traditionally associate with the software companies. Yet, these features are being introduced more and more by the software companies.

This is because for an average office worker, it is much easier to learn a simple new feature within the existing application than to learn an all new softphone interface that sits outside of that work environment. Softphone adds complexity to the user environment and has demonstrated a profound negative impact on its adoption rate. Softphone also introduces unnecessary challenges to the already stretched IT organization.

Since Citrix today can deliver thousands of business critical applications to the users, we simply add voice communication on top of those delivered applications. You can now call anyone from any applications without having to do any sort of integration work! This simple addition brings great values to the customers. This is why EasyCall is an integral part of the Citrix solution.

So check out EasyCall today here.