Simon Crosby, the Chief Technology Officer of the Virtualization and Management Division of Citrix, participates in a recurring podcast with Virtual Strategy Magazine called “10 Minutes to Xen”.

Here is a list of the topics discussed in the most recent edition

VSM speaks with Simon Crosby, Chief Technology Officer, Citrix XenServer, about Citrix XenServer development and release of XenServer 4.1
Podcast Summary:
Length: 11:18

  • Introduction
  • Simon Crosby, Chief Technology Officer, Citrix XenServer (:10)
  • New announcements and news about the release of XenServer 4.1 (:18)
  • Citrix XenServer partnership with Netapp (2:13)
  • XenServer 4.1 shipping now and available for download (5:35)
  • Management of physical & virtual server environment from one location (6:30)
  • Where XenServer stands now in the marketplace (8:03)
  • Upcoming release of Microsoft hypervisor & how XenServer is working with Microsoft (9:20)
  • For more information on Citrix XenServer (10:30)
  • Close

You can listen the full podcast here.