Desktop Virtualization and Citrix XenDesktop!

Time to rethink traditional desktop deployment. It’s too expensive and kills productivity. Is desktop virtualization the answer? It’s a hot topic, and we’re going to look at it from every angle at Synergy.

Explode desktop virtualization myths
You’ve done the research, and you’re convinced that desktop virtualization will:
• Solve your lifecycle management issues
• Reduce your storage requirements
• Improve the end user experience
• Enable your company’s green computing initiatives

You’ll be surprised at what you don’t know about desktop virtualization. Learn more about it at Synergy – and find out why it may be just a first step.

XenDesktop: Make it all work together without losing your mind
IT moves at warp speed. You’ve got to keep your options open to ensure the best options for your business – with no vendor lock-in – as technologies and standards evolve. Come to Synergy and explore the open architecture of the all-new Citrix XenDesktop, which definitely plays well with others and provides out-of-the box integration. Stop by the Tech Lab in the Expo Hall, and watch how it works: XenDesktop dynamically assembles a unique desktop from pristine components for each user, every time they log on.

Whether you’re tasked with evaluating the technology, deploying a solution - or explaining its benefits to the board – you’ll find sessions at Synergy covering all the cutting edge content on desktop virtualization.

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