The Latest on Citrix Products from A to Xen!

Sessions in this track will give attendees the latest scoop on Citrix products – from Access Gateway to XenServer.

Forgive us for Bragging… About the Best Windows App Delivery Solution Ever!
Happy End Users? With XenApp, It’s No Longer an Oxymoron
Going the Distance: 50x Faster App Delivery to Branches with WANScaler
Branch Offices Get Up to Speed with XenApp
Top 10 Tips for Providing the Best Application Experience with EdgeSight
Testing 1-2-3, Testing 1-2-3: Automated Load and Regression Testing for XenApp
Go with the Flow: Using Workflow Studio to Deliver a Dynamic Datacenter
NetScaler: It’s Not Just for Load Balancing Any More
Shhh! There’s a Secret Weapon against Web Application Attacks
Make App Delivery Your Policy with AppExpert
Balancing Act: Achieve High Server Availability with NetScaler
Know All, See All with EdgeSight for NetScaler
Shift into High Gear with NetScaler Acceleration for Web Apps
XenApp and XenServer – Better Together
Easy as 1-2-3: Integrating Apps and Communications with EasyCall
Attention Techies! Learn to Configure New Access Gateway, Enterprise
Better than Lunesta: Implement Access Gateway and Stop Losing Sleep over Access Security
Your Technical Blueprint for the Dynamic Datacenter
Server Workload Streaming – The Next Best Thing to Cloning
Customers Are Talking…About Provisioning Server for Datacenters
Check Out the New Kid on the Block -- Citrix XenDesktop
App Virtualization with Isolation and Streaming – the Fastest Route from Server to Client
Managing User Profiles for Desktop and Application Delivery
Design Considerations for XenApp Implementations
Taming the Printing Beast with “Printing Virtualization”

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