The recent announcement about the new Citrix NetScaler MPXhas been getting great blogosphere buzz

Michael Vizard of the Masked Intentions blog at eWeek had this to say –

When Citrix first acquired XenSource it wasn’t immediately obvious how the company’s NetScaler line of application accelerators was going to be relevant to the deal.
But this week Citrix took some folks by surprise with the announcement of a new MPX line of accelerators that leverages virtualization technology to allow the MPX devices to dynamically provision the server assets in the data center based on the traffic demands that the application accelerator sees on the network.

In effect, Citrix has stolen a march on Cisco’s evolving data center strategy be leveraging XenSource software to allow networking devices to manage the rest of the data center. As virtualization continues to evolve it is becoming clearer that the convergence of networking, server and storage assets is going to happen a lot faster than previously thought.

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Sean Michael Kerner of Internet News is also impressed with the NetScaler MPX. He writes on his blog -

From the ‘aaah now I get it’ files:

What really peaked my interest is how the NetScaler MPX ties into Citrix’s XenSource virtualization technology assets to dynamically scale up or scale down virtual servers on demand to meet network traffic demand.

“If there is a surge of traffic NetScaler informs the XenServer which then provisions an additional server,” Uppal explained to “This goes beyond load balancing with a pool of servers, as this solution will actually power up a server that wasn’t on.”

Kerner goes on to ask …

Is this a game changer for application acceleration?

I think it could be, since a fundamental part of acceleration is availability. It’s something that stands out amongst all the similar commoditized messages and pitches that I’ve heard over the years.

The Application Delivery Network blog had this to say –

If you’re looking at a NetScaler solution primarily because of the benefits provided by dynamic provisioning, you’re looking at a lot more cost than just a pair of NetScaler MPX. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of XenServer and annual maintenance, as well as the time investment to move to the right architecture to support the idea. If you’ve got the time and money, however, it’s going to be worth a look-see.

The prospect of dynamic provisioning has long been a “dream” in the application delivery market. The idea has been around for a long time, but it has been difficult for anyone to execute on that vision primarily because the data centers of the world weren’t quite ready for it and executing on the concept required partnerships. But now IT is ready, with virtualization technologies like VMWare and XenSource such a hot IT item, and Citrix doesn’t necessarily need a partnership to integrate with its own product.

Two concerns this bloggers has are highlighted in the post –

Price – “The downside? Price, of course. It’s always about price in this market.

And that other software company that does virtualization – “For this to be a really major win for Citrix it needs to expand and include VMWare as an option

This is the money quote however –

Citrix is finally answering the charge that it has long been unable to execute despite holding all the right pieces of the puzzle – and its answer is “Oh yes, we can.” If the total solution works as advertised, this is a huge leap forward for Citrix and the ADN market in general.

You can get more info on the NetScaler MPX at the product page. Of course, you can see the NetScaler MPX at Citrix Synergy.